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Aloha, and welcome to Hana 4 Less. In today's economy, where people are trying to SAVE MONEY, I decided to offer (6) PRIVATE & EXCLUSIVE HANA TOURS that won't EMPTY YOUR POCKETBOOK AND ALLOWS YOU TO DO ONLY WHAT YOU WANT TO DO WITHOUT BEING RUSHED! My prices are about average for a Private tour for two people; but where my company differs is that instead of charging you the same amount for each additional person added; IT'S ONLY $75 for the 3rd person + tax and then only $50 each + tax (up to 12) !!! 

Now there is no way that you can see or experience everything the Hana Highway has to offer in one day. The best way to experience the road is to stay a few days in Hana and then explore different sides each day. But since that isn't possible for most visitors, I feel that we provide your NEXT BEST OPTION ! In one day (depending on the tour you choose) I will take you to all the places the big vans do; plus several that they won't or can't  because of their size or schedule, without rushing you throughout the day. And it seems to be working because since I started, I have done over 3,000 TOURS. We have been recognized by TRIPADVISOR as one of their top Hana Excursions, by their members.

The biggest question people ask is "Why are your trips longer than the big vans"? First off, if you decide to take the Hana Tour all the way around through the backside; instead of doing the winding road twice, you will have traveled about 200 miles from your hotel and back. That drive alone on the type of roads you will be traveling on throughout the day will take about 6 hours.

The big vans travel the same amount of distance as I do. The difference is in the amount of stops they make and how long they let you stay at a location. They are required to make certain stops and stay on a schedule. Where we differ, we have no schedule to keep or mandatory stops. So if you want to stay someplace longer or skip something entirely you can. There are NO TIME LIMITS, as long as we arrive in Hana before 11am and leave Hana by 2:30 pm, the rest of the day is up to you. So you decide how long your day will be. Usually 10 to 12 hours. If you check our Tour Page, their is a listing of all the stops you can make in one day. If there is someplace SPECIAL you want to stop; let us know and we will see if it is possible.

I am a small operation, (and don't plan on getting any bigger) just myself (tour guide) and my wife (staff). I don't have the large overhead my competitors have. My only advertising is through WORD OF MOUTH, MY WEBSITE AND TRIPADVISOR. I don't pay the hotels or any organization a large percentage of my profit to advertise and close sales for me like my competitors . I DON'T NEED TOO BECAUSE I DON"T WANT TO DO TOURS 7 DAYS A WEEK AND I DON'T NEED 100 PEOPLE A DAY TO TAKE MY TOUR. I did that for 15 years and got BURNED OUT. I just want to do 2 to 3 tours a week and enjoy myself. 

I have been doing Hana tours for over 15 years in the BIG VANS and have been offering private and exclusive tours for the last ten years. Since I prefer to teach instead of just give a tour, I have been nicknamed “The Professor.” If you take one of my Hana 4 Less private tours, I will be your guide/driver. I've lived on Maui for more than 40 years and have been doing Hana tours with those other companies since I retired from the military. 

What I discovered while working for those other companies made me decide to start offering my own private exclusive and affordable tours. Most people who have taken my tours in the past have told me that they probably will never be able to visit Maui again and would like to experience as much of Hana as they can in one day. You can't do Hana in 1 day and you can't do Maui in 1 visit. Especially if you are placed on a schedule. It's my goal to either show you the highlights (as listed on our tour page) or to do only what you are interested in doing. 

Which means if you want to explore a lava tube or spend more time at a waterfall or explore a cave, YOU CAN ! If you would like to go to Hana in REVERSE (doing the back road first and the winding road later), YOU CAN ! If you want to make all the MAJOR STOPS the big vans do, in comfort and style, YOU CAN !  If you want to visit the 7 POOLS YOU CAN ! (using your vehicle)! Want to FLY IN OR OUT OF HANA YOU CAN ! And GOD FORBID, if you want to TURN AROUND at any time and go back to your rooms, YOU CAN ! THIS IS YOUR DAY !!!

I start my tours early, usually pick up is at 6 TO 7 am and drop off about 12 hours later. I don't have time limits (unless you have to be back at a certain time). But we do have to be in Hana before 11am and leave Hana no later than 2:30 pm, so we are not driving the winding road in heavy traffic or in the dark. I can make all the major stops the larger vans do plus some they can't make because of their size and schedule, while providing you a PRIVATE and EXCLUSIVE  TOUR. BUT, There is no way that we can spend two or three hours at one location. So if you want to explore a Lava Tube, see a Different Colored Beach or spend more time swimming at a waterfall, YOU CAN !!! 

It is my goal to make sure that the day you spend with us will be the best day you spend on Maui without being RUSHED !!!. I really enjoy meeting people and I'm good with children. I like to have fun, and if you can't have fun on the Hana Highway, WHY DO IT ? I have been with several different tour companies and have driven everything on and around the Hana Highway from a Hummer to a 25 passenger van.  Check out our available tours for Ship Passengers.

I love Maui and would like to share its hidden treasures and secrets with you and your family and friends and there is no better way than exploring the Hana Highway together. The rainbow kissed rural town is around 50 miles and as many years away from the island's business center, making Hana the most secluded spot on MauiWith it's hairpin twist and turns and cliff-hanging blind curves, you'll discover a lushly forested trip back in time. Surrender your smart phone, you can't get reception anyway. REMEMBER, it's  the journey getting there. It's the people. It's the fragrances. There is absolutely NOTHING IN HANA, and that is the way the people in Hana want it. So with Hana 4 Less you can enjoy the journey and experience a day that will last you a lifetime, while I do all the driving without costing you a small fortune. Can't get any better than that! 


Map outline of Hana highway on Maui
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