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Map outline of Hana highway on Maui
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After getting lost on the notorious one-lane road in NE Maui, I was grateful to let someone else negotiate the hairpin curves. Our driver- Jonathan- took us to several unusual beaches off the main drive, including about an hour at the lovely black sand beach in Hana. We stopped at a garden store and I picked up a wild boar's tooth necklace that delighted my 10-year grandson. We even sang Tiny Bubbles on the way back to Lahaina!  McGuires  Sept 14, 2010

We started off early and tried the road to Hana on our own and got as far as Rainbow Forest when we decided to turn around. We tried to get a tour van to take us ; but they had already left for the day. We found Hana4less.com while searching and was able to talk with Jonathan the owner. We found out it was his day off; but he would be willing to take us in our rental car if we just went to Hana and Back.  Since we were flying out the next day, we agreed. We were able to relax and enjoy the trip and our guide, Jonathan, knew all the best places to stop. We stopped more often than the tourist vans did and still got back before dark. What a Blessing Hana 4 Less was. Raymond Clan Oct 24, 2010

We thought about taking a regular tour company because the private tours were just too expensive. Then we came across Hana 4 Less and we were glad that we did. Jonathan was great and fun to be with. We were able to choose the locations we wanted to visit and were able to visit the Ka'eleku Caverns and still spend time at the 7 pools before taking the backroad to the winery. What an experience! Patrick, Jan 15, 2011

This is our 3rd time going to Hana. We drove it ourselves the first time and didn't enjoy it. The second time we went with Valley Isle Excursions and Jonathan was our guide. What a GREAT tour! This time we decided to try one of those private exclusive tours where we could pick our locations to visit, instead of being on scheduled stops. We always wanted to explore the Ka'eleku Caverns, but the only company going there was Temptation Tours but they turn around and go back the same way they came instead of continuing around the backside. One of the hotel guest we met mentioned try Hana 4 Less, so we did and what a surprise when Jonathan turned out to be the owner/driver.  What a way to see Hana! Mark & Jenny, Feb 8, 2011

Such a crazy steep and winding road (to say the least) but oh so worth it! Loved all the waterfalls and tropical flowers, BREATHTAKING views.... Waterfalls, bird of paradise flowers and ginger everywhere, smiling people, curves on the highway everywhere, banana bread, 7 Sacred Pools, peace, tranqulity, birds, butterflies, showers, rainbows, green green green grass, churches, the ocean........God's secret area on earth and Jonathan was fantastic and fun to be with. Works Family, Mar 3, 2011

I survived the road to Hana! Thanks to Jonathan. Did you know that the winding road to Hana even has it's own motto? There will be absolutely NO: whining, crying, eating, sleeping, reading, restroom stops, complaining, moaning, horsing around, blackmailing, sickness, or turning back! 10 hours in a comfortable SUV, sure beat being in a crowded mini-van all day. According to Jonathan the road to Hana is not just a trip, which has a destination, but it's a journey of time and discovery and reflection. Under his tutelage we learned the meaning of the Aloha spirit of the Hawaiian people. He also taught us Hawaiian history about wars that raged on Maui between ancient Hawaiian Kings in an attempt to unify the Hawaiian Islands.  We learned so much I can’t even begin to remember it all. Thanks Jonathan for an experience I will remember forever.  Mary McMahon  April 1, 2011

I will say this about the road to Hana… you will never see anything more beautiful in your life. You pass through tropical rain forests filled with so many different shades of green, its unimaginable. And hundreds of rainbow colored eucalyptus trees that reach up towards the heavens. Giant waterfalls, tropical flowers and red Taro plants, and some of the tallest cliffs in the world with beautiful ocean coastlines at the base of the cliffs. If I drove this myself, I would have missed most of this. Myself and my family enjoyed the day and let Jonathan do the driving. What a GREAT ADVENTURE AND A GREAT WAY TO EXPERIENCE THE HANA HIGHWAY. I will recommend Hana 4 Less to all my friends that are visiting Maui.  Jim & Jill Robinson, April 1, 2011

Aloha Jonathan, Thanks again for a wonderful tour!!   So many good things to say about Hana 4 Less!! After searching the internet for tours and reading lots of reviews we decided to take a chance on 'Hana 4 Less" We really wanted a personalized tour without all the extra people; we wanted to be able to stop or go whenever we were ready! Jonathan was very responsive from our very first email which made me feel comfortable. Jonathan picked us up from our hotel and guided my husband and me all day! Jonathan was very knowledgeable about the island and knew lots of people along the way. He even took pictures for us. We were in ‘Awe’ the entire day! It’s Beautiful! You really need a guide if this is your first tour of Hana. First and foremost you will want to look at all the beautiful scenery; second if you're driving you "CAN'T" take your eyes off the road! There’s so many different terrains and twist and turns in the road it just wouldn’t be safe. Third you're on vacation, let someone else do the work while you sit back and enjoy! I VOTE HANA 4 LESS ANY DAY!!! The Macks July 2011

Jonathan was amazing!!! I just got back from Maui and the road to Hana was, by far, the highlight of the entire island. I have to admit I was skeptical of the entire idea being that many people hated the road to Hana. Apparently these people did not take the tour with Jonathan and hana4less. It was incredible to see all of the waterfalls and actually be able to swim in pools under the waterfalls. This experience is what I expected a tropical island to be. I felt safe the entire time, despite the trecherous road. I will do this again with more friends and future trips. Andrew C. August 2011

My partner and I decided we didn't want to fight the whole way driving. One of us gets car sick, the other is afraid of steep canyon/windy road situations. Our driver was awesome, he knew a bunch of places that the standard tours don't take you. The cost wasn't that much more than if we'd paid to be in one of those big vans. In fact if you have 2 or more people, there really is no reason to go in a van. All the van people were behind us because we got started earlier. When I saw them they looked upset, maybe cause they were stuck behind some marathon that was going on. Jonathan has a great sense of humor. I think he needs to update his website to better reflect that not only is he reasonably priced, he is just the best tour operator. This is a premium operator for the best prices. Bower Party, September 2011

Well I've read all they marlevous reviews about Jonathan and Hana 4 Less; but everyone has failed to mention that he is known as the "Professor" because he likes to teach instead of just give a tour. In fact when he introduced himself to my family, he said "Welcome to Maui 101". Our whole day was an experience of knowledge, mystique, beauty, fragrances and fun. Because we are not big wine drinkers, we decided to take the Reverse tour. It was amazing from start to finish. Jonathan had driven the large tour vans for over 13 years and he told us that one thing you can't experience being in a van are all the fragrances that the day has to offer. So from the time we started the road, our windows were always opened. We explored and experienced the backroad with very little traffic and even had to stop for about a half hour while cattle were being moved to a new pasture. My kids flipped out seeing the cows that close and seeing the hawaiian cowboys. We arrived at the 7 pools and there were only two other cars there. We next stopped at Wailua Falls and had the whole place to ourselves. Tour Vans stopped while we were swimming and only let their customers take pictures from the bridge and then they were gone. Before leaving Jonathan brought over this plant and started squeezing into our hands and rubbing it all over his arms and legs. He told us it would make our skin soft, take the sting away from mosquito bites and calm the heat of a sunburn, and it did. We next went to a beautiful flower garden and then to a red sand beach where we found one of Jonathan's friends making Huli-Huli Chicken. Even though we had brought lunch with us, Jonathan convinced us to give it a try. What a GREAT LUNCH !!! After that we went to a local fruit stand and sampled several things I can't even pronounce, while we watched as the big vans passed us again.  We had already made over 10 stops and we still had half a day to go. After exploring Hana and swimming again at a black sand beach (that's 3 swimming stops all together) Jonathan suggested that we explore the Ka'eleku Caverns before starting the winding road back to our hotel. When we got there several rental cars were there but no big tour vans. According to the lady in charge, they don't have time to stop. We discovered how the island was formed and saw walls that looked like Hershey's Chocolate Kisses. Something we will never forget. On the way back we made several stops for pictures and Shave Ice and Banana Bread and never got car sick once because we were always on the oceanside of the road all day long. Jonathan showed us another plant that he squirted into his eyes and said it was "Hawaiian Visine" and it really felt refreshing when I tried it. Our last stop was at Ho'okipa Beach to watch the surfers, kiteflyers and wind surfers before dropping Jonathan off and thanking him for a day we will never forget. All together we spent 11 hours with Jonathan and make 19 stops without feeling rushed throughout the day. 
I better close, because my husbands said that I'm writing an essay. All I can say is if you have a choice of taking a tour with a van full of people or a private tour for a little more with Jonathan and Hana4Less, take the private tour . You won't regret it and you'll fall in love with Jonathan before the day is over. All I can say is my kids were against doing this tour because it was going to be boring and wanted to stay at the hotel and swim. But by the time we had finished they treated Jonathan like a member of the family and thanked him for a GREAT ADVENTURE. Who would of thunk, my kids thanking someone. Will wonders never cease. Mercy Family, September 2011

My husband and I recently vacationed on Maui, and of course wanted to do the Road to Hana. After some research, we knew we didn’t want to be hustled along this once in a lifetime experience in an impersonal 8-25 person van tour. Instead we hired Jonathan of Hana4Less.com as our driver/guide using our rental car. The price was very reasonable and we felt we would see and enjoy it so much more if we didn't have to worry about driving the curves and one way bridges, looking at a map or guide by ourselves. It isn’t jokingly referred to as the Road to Divorce for nothing, and we’ve been known to bicker while driving 4 lane highways! My husband wanted to do the full Hana and Beyond Tour so we could do the Pools of Oheo and the Wailua waterfall as well. After a bad experience on hours of African safari dirt tracks, I was afraid of the description of the “back” road beyond Hana, and only wanted to do Hana and Back on the paved road. We exchanged a series of emails with Jonathan who gave us lots of info on the pros and cons. He encouraged us to get a mid-sized SUV for the clearance as our rental and do his brand new tour called “Hana and Beyond in Reverse”, where you do the back road first. He explained the several benefits: you have the Pools of Oheo and Wailua Falls practically to yourself in the morning, you avoid being behind tour buses all day, and the car is on the ocean side of the road for better views all day. Jonathan couldn’t have been more flexible: he said just tell him the morning of the tour which we wanted to do. When we met Jonathan that day he reassured me that the reverse tour was the best way to go, and off we went. 
What a great decision it turned out to be on all counts, but one experience stands out the most. My husband's dream was to swim in a natural pool at the base of a waterfall. When we arrived at Wailua Falls that morning we were the only people there. Jonathan encouraged us to plunge into the cool water and swim to the base of the falls while he took lots of photos of us. We enjoyed this incredible experience all to ourselves for a half hour before any other cars began to arrive. It was simply amazing; one of the top memories that will last a lifetime out of all the many great trips we have taken around the world. We were also pleasantly surprised to find that the back road wasn't very bumpy at all, nor did it wind much more that the 'front end' of the trip. Jonathan was a knowledgeable and accommodating guide. Do yourself a favor and do the road to Hana in Reverse with Hana4Less.  CT Beth September 2011