When you choose one of my Private and Exclusive Tours, you have the option of me driving your rental or using one of my vehicles (depending on which tour you choose)

I am a one man operation and in order to keep my prices low,  I rent the vehicles I use as I need them for the size group that I have for the day.  I rent them from a private source so I am not paying FULL RENTAL AGENCY PRICES and can provide lower costs to my clients. They are all guaranteed to be mechanically sound with air conditioning. 

Since the majority of my tours are for 2 to 4 people, a min van is very comfortable and affords the moveability we need to enjoy the Hana Hwy without being in an oversized van all day long fighting heavy traffic. A mini van is large enough to be comfortable, yet small enough to handle easily on the road.

So if you want a brand new vehicle or a certain type of vehicle in order to experience the Hana Hwy, rent the vehicle you want and I'll drive it for you so you can enjoy the day along with your party. So this is the way our vehicles are broken down.

If the tour is for 2 to 5 people we will  use a mini van.

If the tour is for 6 to 12 people we will use a 11 to 15 passenger van

The reason I don't offer any larger vans is because we would be limited to the stops we could make because of our size.