Today is your birthday,
another year has gone by.

And even if you are no longer here with us,
because you are somewhere up there with him
all of our lives have been truly blessed just by
having you be a part of it.

With the times we shared together as a family, 
as my wife, as the mother of my children, and as 
the love of my life

Let's face it, you're a tough act to follow.
You are one of a kind and are irreplaceable, 
in my eyes, so I'm not looking.

Even thou you are up there in heaven as one of 
his angels and you have finally been reunited with 
your own family again,
I would just be pretending to myself 
and everyone else if I didn't say 
it still don't hurt like Hell!

I know God doesn't make mistakes,
But this sure feels like one to me.

But that still don't change the facts 
that you still aren't coming back.

Your passing was the worst of times to me.
But, i've come to learn that without the worst of times, 
we wouldn't have poetry, or sad songs, 
or anything to make us appreciate the best of times.

You were truly a shining star in my eyes!
But, stars can't shine without darkness and
no one is immune to suffering, not even I.

But the good news is,
I'm learning how to handle it,
and I'm working hard and striving everyday
to be the person you wanted me to be.

So, I just have to embrace the rollercoaster ride
on my own for now because there is no way to 
get off it without leaving this world.

Even thou we planned to leave this world as one,
God obviously felt it was your time, but not yet mine.

So, I live with the loss every day and 
I cry cause it's over and I'm left here on my own.
Yet, I smile because we had a love that, 
few have ever known.

Although we packed a whole lot of living 
in the short period of time and it ended too soon, 
I find ways to keep you alive in my heart every day.

Although I seldom dream about you anymore,
I've found other ways to remember you daily.

So that I don't forget in time,
I've changed all my passwords to reflect,
different times in our lives and I wear 
our new wedding rings on the same
hand right next to each other.

So, every time I look down it reminds me, 
of you and all the times we shared together
Both good and bad.
And we remain together in spirit always.

We raised two wonderful children in the time we shared, 
together on this earth. And with all the problems parents 
have raising children today, we were truly blessed with how 
ours turned out and the way they are developing as adults.

But, I don't need to tell you that,
because you are looking down on them daily 
and guiding them to make the right decisions 
and keeping them safe every day.

Each day that passes makes it a little bit, 
less painful for me and in time
I'll start healing, but not quite yet.

No matter where I go or what I do,
Until we are together again,

I'll never not remember you.